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Downsize and Travel While Your New House Makes You Money. Get the ready-to-use plans and build the "Traveler’s Triplex".

Great AIRBNB project!!

How would you like to downsize a bit, do some traveling, and return home to a brand new house that is making you cash flow year in and year out?

Of course you will want room for visitors to spend the night but still do not want tons of extra unused space. Why not create your own six-figure vacation rental business , an AIRBNB “hotel”?

The new breakthrough “Traveler’s Triplex” ready-to-use building plans by provides this opportunity all in a very compact and inexpensive building that is smaller than the typical house.

The Traveler’s Triplex ready-to-use building plans, Buy Now $550 US DOLLARS.

Contact me directly through the site.
Online design firm


Modifications and customization are available. Cabins, shops, small houses, small multi-units. GO TO THIS LINK:

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