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...ask what you can do for Miss Morgan!

"True dominance is the ability to create this hunger in someone that is so strong they will do anything, anywhere, anytime just to please you."

Tell me, my dear, have you ever wondered what it would feel like -- to live out your innermost fantasies, albeit just once? To succumb to this thirst to throw yourself to the feet of this superior, majestic creature, who, for all your sacrifice, will barely notice your existence? Yet who will forever torment your dreams, corrupt your thoughts, distract you during your daily commute or those boring morning meetings?

And have you come to realize that these fantasies do not go away but grow stronger within you, hour by hour, day by day? Have you never been tempted enough? Should I try?

Facebook: Kate Morgan
FetLife: QK8
Twitter: SchrodingersK8

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