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Publiée le : mercredi 30 novembre 2016, 0:14


Have you been a very very naughty boy?
Have you tried your best to work hard and ignore your temptations, but your mind kept wandering off?
Has your will power failed you?
Do you need to be brought back in line by a strict yet fair Mistress?

This might be your lucky day, then! Your dearly beloved demanding, discretely evil and gracefully malevolent Lady will soon be back in Paris, to look for even more spoilt little boys and sissy little brats to properly set up straight. Apply Within!

Instagram: SchrodingersK8
FetLife: QK8
Twitter: @SchrodingersK8

"Dominance is the ability to create this hunger in someone that is so strong they will do anything, anywhere, anytime just to please you."

Âge de l’expéditeur : 30

• Lieu : Paris, Paris 75015

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